Tree Brushes

Tree Brushes

Tree Brushes – By Amit Sadik © 2011

Tree brushes made by me.
Those brushes feet to any Photoshop version.
Those tree brushes are some sort of fantasy like.
As you can see I used them for my digital painting – wild pregnancy . The main tree there is an improvement of one of the brushes,
while the background trees there are exactly the tree brushes that you can download.
You can add shadows to them, scatter them and do whatever you want to make your painting beautiful!
My favorite brushes by the way. so all you have to do now is download.

Tree Brushes
Tree Brushes
Fantasy Trees.abr
1.3 MiB

3 thoughts on “Tree Brushes

  1. like those fairy tale trees style :)

  2. such epic trees..
    thanks Amit!

  3. lovely photoshop brushes!

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