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Gesture drawing poses

Another pose drawing done in a model night at town.

Female gesture drawing

Another pen drawing referenced from an anatomy book. Female gesture drawing, female pose drawing, female anatomy drawing.

Pencil drawings of people

Female pose – gesture drawing

Working on female poses and shading.

Gesture drawings

Gesture drawing #12

Working on the back of the human body. More gesture drawing as usual, comments are welcome! Done with 3b pencil.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing #11

Bones and muscles. Continue with the anatomy studies.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing #10

Gesture drawings… anatomy studies again.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing #9

Some sketches from my anatomy studies.

Gesture Drawing - Figure drawing

Gesture drawing #8

Another gesture drawing – tries to capture a¬†movement… This time Inspired by a learning book by Andrew Loomis.

Gesture Drawing

Old gesture drawings

Old gesture drawings (2010) made with 2B pencil I think (or a combination of sizes).

Gesture drawing 2012

Gesture drawing #7

More gesture drawings practice – each pose done in 1:30 minutes.