Digital Painting Is Making Its Way Into The Market

Digital painting market ?

Digital painting market ?Digital art in general has started to take the art world by storm. It’s technically what CG (computer generated) is and everyone would agree that is an art form. It’s even being used in Hollywood to make movies better. But what about the art galleries and choosing digital art to go on walls? Digital painting is also starting to make its way into the art scene.

Digital painting storm

As we all know traditional painting is done with a canvas and a paint brush. Digital paintings are done on the computer with either a writing tablet or a stylus. The brush strokes can be manipulated easier and the artist has more control over the colors. While some traditional artists may say it’s cheating, others say that it’s genius.

If an artist is very good at what he or she does, side by side, it may be impossible to tell which is which if you’re looking at both of them on a screen. Up close and personal, however, digital paintings don’t have the three dimensional stack of paint on the canvas because it has been printed out. That said, printing has come a long way.

The digital art medium is still up to the artist. They can choose to print their artwork on paper, metal, canvas and a number of other things to produce aesthetically beautiful work that any art gallery would be proud to hang.

Digital painting softwares are becoming more popular because people want to be able to draw and paint. With the softwares digital painting brushes start to evolve, for example – tree brushes are becoming more popular as well because it is easier to paint an entire forest with these brushes than it would be by hand. Every artist still has control of what they ultimately finish with, they simply have more choices to work with.Digital painting

Anyone who is looking at digital art for their home has a wide range of choices. Some artists choose to create everything from a blank canvas while others start with a photo or something else as a background. This is allowing the art world to expand into the market at significant rates.

Ultimately, digital painting is still a niche market, but with CG capturing everyone’s hearts, it’s not far behind the rest of the art that is going up everywhere. Artists who use digital mediums are artists nonetheless. They are just able to produce an entirely different level of work than the ones that are still using a paint brush and a bunch of basic watercolors and acrylics.

There’s a whole world of colors and possibilities out there. It seems that the digital artist is the only one that has actually figured out how to tap into all of them and apply them into the art world – with visually stunning results.


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