Pencil Drawings

Portrait drawing - Pencil sketchesAs a sketch artist I feel somewhat irked by the commonly-held belief that a pencil drawing is an unfinished job. It’s almost as though they are saying it’s a draft and pan for something better. Pencil art is in itself an art; I for one am happy to frame my work and place it up on the wall in my study or even dining room. The tools I use are more than just a pencil and a piece of paper. As a drawing artist I regularly make use of charcoal pencils and a rich, dark pen that leaves no shine.

The pencil creates realism and superb contrasting features and is ideal for portrait drawing. It’s in this field where I hone my pencil art with the greatest enthusiasm; portrait drawing is fun because there is something about a sketch artist and a live, living and breathing model. When one pencil sketches a vase or a country landscape you have time and no fear of occasionally getting your eraser out. I find when portrait drawing I can feel myself being forced to do the very best portrait drawing I can.

I cannot put my finger on it but portrait drawings end up usually being my best work. This powerful form of pencil art takes on an even more robust form when pencil drawing the ultimate portrait. I mean painting someone’s face. There is a special art to this. I often wonder when on holiday and we walk along the promenade at night inIbizaTownand see more than fifty street artists pencil drawing holiday makers’ faces. Many of them do such a good job too.

I do imagine though, how on earth the guy who take the pencil and make a pencil sketch of the Queen; I mean how he keeps his hand so steady, truly baffles me. But pencil artists and drawing artist just do. I guess when you sketch a portrait drawing you simply step up to the plate. It’s a bit like when you attend a job interview you somehow give it your best and even surprise yourself at your calm demeanour and candour.

Pencil artistry is not a difficult hobby to start up. The materials you need are inexpensive and it’s an ideal hobby to start showing your creative sketching side. Begin with a sharpener, an eraser and some good quality paper; all of which are available at a stationery store. Your pencils must range in hardness and shade from 9H to 9B and above all when pencil drawing – have fun!

As usual you are invited to take a look at my pencil drawings, and ofcourse my digital paintings,

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