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Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal drawing made by, check out more charcoal drawings and sketches at the traditional art section at my portfolio.

Jeremiah’s Return – Short story

Such beauty reflects through the rising sun, the way it banishes darkness from the land. Day’s most colorful hues emerge from the center of that darkness, transforming the land into a landscape of unimaginable bliss in the process. The heavy breeze from the night before carried over into the effulgent daytime, sweeping the leaves two and fro atop branches that stretched towards the sun. Jeremiah could imagine no better state during which to cast his small, wooden boat into the […]

Pencil Drawings

As a sketch artist I feel somewhat irked by the commonly-held belief that a pencil drawing is an unfinished job. It’s almost as though they are saying it’s a draft and pan for something better. Pencil art is in itself an art; I for one am happy to frame my work and place it up on the wall in my study or even dining room. The tools I use are more than just a pencil and a piece of paper. […]

Pencil drawings

Why Be an Artist?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to do art and creating art is my passion. Creating tutorials showing people how to do that art is also a love of mine. What Types of Art? In the arts I complete many different things including digital paintings as well as pencil drawings which is the basis for the digital art. Pencil drawings can be one of the most easiest types of artwork that you do and once you learn how […]

Gesture drawing

Gesture drawing

Gesture drawing can be said to be a work of art where images are defined by rapid execution of images. It can be defined as the exploration of movement as well as form of any object in space. It is different from pencil drawings and pencil sketches but there are some similarities. It is said by some observers that gesture drawing is more like explaining something to someone using hand gestures. The hand gestures are similar in ideology to the […]

Digital painting - the beginning

Digital painting – the beginning

In the past, art and painting was done manually using a canvas, paints, watercolours, pencils, brushes, oils and other tools. Due to the emergence of advance technologies like computers and different pieces of software, digital art is now possible. With the help of digital painting softwares, an artist can already express his ideas through digital art. This CG (computer generated) masterpiece that could be created by the artist also make use of different painting techniques and strategies in order for it to look really good. Are you into the world of art […]

Digital Art - The Beginning

Digital art – the beginning

Before we can learn about the begging of digital painting, we first need to know some about digital art in general. The beginning of digital art The concept of digital art developed in the second of the 20th century, with the development of home computers. The pioneers are a number of creators which was engaged with other fields such as design, math, technology and science. The British artist Harold Cohen (1928 – 1987) was a math teacher who lived in the United […]

Digital painting market ?

Digital Painting Is Making Its Way Into The Market

Digital art in general has started to take the art world by storm. It’s technically what CG (computer generated) is and everyone would agree that is an art form. It’s even being used in Hollywood to make movies better. But what about the art galleries and choosing digital art to go on walls? Digital painting is also starting to make its way into the art scene. Digital painting storm As we all know traditional painting is done with a canvas […]

Digital Art

That’s a little brief I wrote about digital art, if you have more questions about it, you are invited to ask by contact me. Digital art is an art which the artist creates an art while using digital accessories such as computer or digital camera. There are many types of digital art – fractal art, digital photography, 3d models and digital painting – which is what I am working on. Digital art first started during the second half of the 20th century […]