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Digital Painting Tutorial (3)

Going through changes – Digital Painting Process

Digital painting process | Going through changes Placing some rough shapes and colors. Less rough shapes now. We can start see the whole painting Detailing everything… but something is missing, maybe a boat, a bridge? Landscape by himself can sometimes be boring, so I added this man on the boat and some bridges.

Trained monkeys – Process

The hardest part, putting all the shapes together. At first I want it to have an Antarctic cold environment, that’s why there is this blue hue. I didn’t do too much printscreens as you can see, but it still nice to see the first 10 minutes of a painting compared to the final image.   Original post of trained monkeys can be found here.

Fairies drive in Process

This is the digital painting process for this painting. Questions and comments are welcome, Amit.                

The skin i am in – Digital Painting Tutorial

Hello everyone! This is the painting process for this digital painting. Usual Genius tablet + Photoshop CS5. You are invited to ask questions about the process or anything else that you can thing about. Enjoy, Amit.    

Lost synapse – Speed Painting Process

That’s my speed painting process… for this painting. Will add explanations soon. Enjoy! Amit.

Expedition – Digital Painting Process

That’s a painting process for one of my newest digital paintings. The painting called – Expedition (Click to see the final result) Few notes: * Painted in Photoshop CS5 with Genius Tablet. * Mostly use the Chalk Brush and a few custom brushes I made (like the building brushes). * Original size about 4000 pixels wide. I’ll add later more explanaitions about the process, to make it more like a tutorial. For now… enjoy!   I start by placing some rough […]

Digital Painting Tutorial – Mushroom Factory

Making Of – Mushroom Factory Click to go to the original painting page.    Hello everyone my name is Amit (Nickname: Cas), and that’s kinda’ my first tutorial here in DeviantArt, some sort of a pay back to DA for all the things I learn here. so I hope you will like this tutorial, and you will learn something from it, or just will be impressed. This tutorial is for people who know the basics of Photoshop. I’ll explain how […]