ציור דיגיטלי


First time surfing – inspiring a new painting. Usual Wacom and CS5. Process shot here.

Self Portrait

Self portrait in the style of Cezanne. Done with Photoshop CS5 & Wacom tablet.

Patience Reward

Some sort of after war, battle snapshot, she thanks for staying alive. Digital painting done with my new graphic tablet – Wacom Pro Medium.

Digital Painting

Happy Halloween

Well… not really celebrating this holiday, but anyway – happy Halloween everyone ! Check out the process here .

Digital Painting

Trained Monkeys

An old painting I forgot to upload. Some sort of monkeys fight against a  colossus. Check out the process shots here. Enjoy!  

The skin i am in

Check out the process.

Lost synapse

Usual Photoshop + Genius tablet. Trying some new technique… check out the digital painting process.

Digital painting


Usual: Genius Tablet + Photoshop CS5. Don’t forget to check out the painting process.

I’m Back

Yea it reminds one of my older paintings…. The guardian wolf. Like the mood this painting gives. Check out the process at my digital painting tutorial section: I’m Back Process .