digital painting


First time surfing – inspiring a new painting. Usual Wacom and CS5. Process shot here.

Digital paintings

Last signal

Digital painting process

3 Old Sketches

Those are 3 old paintings. They were done for practice with a use of a few reference photos.    

Lost synapse

Digital painting process.

Digital painting


Usual: Genius Tablet + Photoshop CS5. Don’t forget to check out the painting process.

Sketch 1

Hello everyone! That’s actually my first post, all digital painting are shown on the site, are old ones. I was busy work on promoting the site, so didn’t had much time to paint. Anyway, this digital painting done yesterday. Nothing special just landscape / fantasy practice. Usual tools – Phtoshop CS5, Genius tablet. Done in about 2 hours. Comments are welcome 🙂 Amit.