digital painting

Popcorn Machine

Speed painting done for the daily speed painting group.


First time surfing – inspiring a new painting. Usual Wacom and CS5. Process shot here.

Digital paintings

Last signal

New digital painting using the black and white technique. Digital painting tutorial / process can be found here. One of images chosen to be shown in an exhibition. The opening is in 2.2.2012, details and images from the exhibition will be published soon. In the meantime enjoy the painting.

3 Old Sketches

Those are 3 old paintings. They were done for practice with a use of a few reference photos.    

Lost synapse

Usual Photoshop + Genius tablet. Trying some new technique… check out the digital painting process.

Digital painting


Usual: Genius Tablet + Photoshop CS5. Don’t forget to check out the painting process.

Wild Pregnancy

One of my favorite digital paintings. A new born – wildly. Check out my homemade brushes used at this painting.

Sketch 1

Hello everyone! That’s actually my first post, all digital painting are shown on the site, are old ones. I was busy work on promoting the site, so didn’t had much time to paint. Anyway, this digital painting done yesterday. Nothing special just landscape / fantasy practice. Usual tools – Phtoshop CS5, Genius tablet. Done in about 2 hours. Comments are welcome 🙂 Amit.