figure drawing

Charcoal Figure Drawing

Figure drawing | Charcoal


Figure Drawing | Charcoal

Nude Pen Drawing

Drawing made in a night model session at the city downtown. Done with 0.05, 0.5 Rapidograph pens.


Sketchbook dark side

Some fiction human drawing. He is kinda going through the paper, not sure what he’s going to do with his spear / sword thing behind him.

Gesture Drawing - Figure drawing

Gesture drawing #8

Another gesture drawing – tries to capture a movement… This time Inspired by a learning book by Andrew Loomis.

Gesture Drawing (3)

Gesture drawing #1

Gesture drawing – a quick, rapid sketch that attempts to capture a pose, a movement of a living creature. I’ll write an article soon that covers the whole idea of Gesture drawing. Meanwhile, enjoy those gesture drawings – (Used posemaniacs.com as a reference)