gesture drawing

Lie down

She’s just laying over there.

anatomy studies

Anatomy Studies

Some human anatomy studies. Referenced from some drawing book. You know those books trying to teach you drawing with those people made out of known forms.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing #11

Bones and muscles. Continue with the anatomy studies.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing #9

Some sketches from my anatomy studies.

Gesture Drawing - Figure drawing

Gesture drawing #8

Another gesture drawing – tries to capture a¬†movement… This time Inspired by a learning book by Andrew Loomis.

Gesture Drawing

Old gesture drawings

Old gesture drawings (2010) made with 2B pencil I think (or a combination of sizes).

Gesture drawing 2012

Gesture drawing #7

More gesture drawings practice – each pose done in 1:30 minutes.

Gesture drawing #6

Some more gesture drawings I made recently. Done with 5B and 0.7 mechanical pencil.

Gesture Drawing (2)

Gesture drawing #4

More gesture drawings made by me.