Cactus Fabric

Cactus Fabric project inspired by the cactus skeleton in order to create a new type of 3d printed durable fabric. Grasshopper + Weaverbird + Flexhopper plugins used under Rhinoceros 3D modelling software. Image: Quinn Dombrowski Fabric Simulation | Tensed Fabric Simulation

6 Axis 3D Printing

6 Axis 3D Printing using silicone air pressure gun. Grasshopper + Kuka robot work visual. The experiment follows the idea of a few portable robotic arms being able to print on a topographic landscape or any existing form. One possible scenario would be printing concrete on an inflatable dome and removing It once the concrete became fully dried. The following challenges were dealt with during the experiment synchronization of existing form in reality and 3d model, programming a fluidly movement […]

Within Reach | Haifa, Israel

The project focuses on the design of the cable car station complex on Dori Road. The first phase of the project was the creation of an urban planning of the complex, which mainly concluded on the converting Dori Road to an underground tunnel, thereby creating the continuity of the existing neighborhood with nature, creating the public “yellow road” that connects to the surrounding trail, to the center of the complex and contained in the residential building I chose to develop. […]

Generated Box Complex

This parametric design project deals with the creation of a building complex generated by numerous conditions, all of which are decided by the user, such as: the complex size, the amount of programs (residential, commercial, green areas), and the number of exposed facades for each program. Created with Grasshopper, Rhino 6.