pencil art

Female pose drawing

Another pose drawing, not referenced from an anatomy book.


Sketchbook dark side

Some fiction human drawing. He is kinda going through the paper, not sure what he’s going to do with his spear / sword thing behind him.

army sketches

Border Crossing drawing

Again, too many hours spent in the border crossing. People, donkeys, shepherds and goats. By the way it has been drawn in my new sketchbook.

Elephant drawing

Elephant drawing

Decided to go on sketching some animals this time. A few elephants it’s always a cool thing to draw. Hope you will like it!

Dinosaur baby

It’s kinda rare that I draw animals, but someone asked me to draw this T rex dinosaur. It went okay .. hope you will like this pencil drawing

Drawings of people

Portrait art – Black magic woman

Again referenced by a photo from an ad in the newspaper.

pencil sketches

4 months shelter

4 months, tents and desert.

Army drawings

Army Accessories

As usual, mechanical pencil 0.5, more of my army drawings series.