pencil drawings of people

portrait art

Female poses #9 – Portrait art

Like this one, don’t sure why. Done with the usual mechanical pencil 0.7. More portrait art will upload soon.

Simple pencil sketches of people

Female poses #5 – Diana

Came out pretty cool I think, comments about the drawing are very welcome. Mechanical pencil 0.5 as usual. And by the way, it reminds you Diana (England queen) maybe?

Pencil drawings of people

Art is a kind of illness…

That’s the cover of my newest drawing book. “Art is a kind of illness… mental illness”  

Pencil drawings - portraits

The girl of a friend

He asked my to draw his girlfriend, and that’s what I did. (0.5 Mechanical pencil)

Gesture Drawing

Old gesture drawings

Old gesture drawings (2010) made with 2B pencil I think (or a combination of sizes).

Gesture drawing #6

Some more gesture drawings I made recently. Done with 5B and 0.7 mechanical pencil.

Pencil drawings

Pencil drawing #Untitled

Decided to leave only the contour in this portrait, without the shading. Made with Charcoal.

Gesture Drawing (2)

Gesture drawing #4

More gesture drawings made by me.