pencil drawings

abstract portrait

Checkers face – Abstract portrait

I hate this portrait. His hair is just making this whole portrait pretty damn ugly. Weekend mode. Maybe a longer one than the usual. Enjoy this silly abstract portrait. Usual pencil size.

animal drawing

Animal drawing

Friday night while uploading this, drew this a few weeks ago working on fountain pen drawing again.. animal drawing.

Elephant drawing

Elephant drawing

Decided to go on sketching some animals this time. A few elephants it’s always a cool thing to draw. Hope you will like it!

pencil portraits

Portrait art #2

Another pencil portrait I did today. This time in big 50*35 cm (original paper). Used 8B, 3B, H pencils and dark charcoal for the starting sketch. Bad composition I know, but there is something in this picture that gave me the push to upload it. Hope you will like this piece of art. Amit.

sketch artist

Anatomy studies

More sketchy anatomy studies followed by a drawing book which I forgot his name. Usual mechanical pencil 0.7.

hand sketch

My hand sketch

You know you are boring in the moment you start drawing your own hand holding the sketch book you draw on.

Traditional or digital art

Female poses #6

Portrait drawing done with the usual mechanical pencil 0.5. Yea lips a are too big, will fix it in the next portrait drawing.

Female drawings

Female poses #4

Draw this with a reference from one of the ads in the newspaper.

pencil, sketches, drawings

The cannon’s core

The most importrant part of the cannon. Mechanical pencil 0.5, realistic reference.