portrait drawing

Charcoal Portrait

Willow charcoal sticks on Strathmore paper.

Portrait drawing

Portrait drawing inspired by Rembrandt. Done with pencils HB, 3B mostly.  

Pencil portrait

Some practice on pencil portraits. Used¬†Scarlett Johansson as a reference for the face, didn’t mean it to be similar. Anyway, originally drawn on A3 paper with mostly 7b and 4b pencils.

Portrait doodle

Portrait sketch of this little dude. Not sure what he’s up to. Just sit and enjoy this not so masterpiece of work.

portrait drawing

Pencil portrait

Another portrait. Trying to play with the shades a bit. Too much time in the border crossing gives you the time to draw… Done with 3B pencil.

drawing faces - Obama portrait

Face drawing – Obama?

Supposed to be Obama portrait, went not too good. Drawn In the day he was chosen. Done with simple black pen.

pencil drawing techniques

Portrait art – Yes darlin’

The son of king, royalty, prince, beauty. Influenced from Goya’s artworks. (HB pencil A4)

Traditional or digital art

Female poses #6

Portrait drawing done with the usual mechanical pencil 0.5. Yea lips a are too big, will fix it in the next portrait drawing.

Portrait drawings


What was started as a drawing from life became this sleepy portrait drawing. 0.5 Mechanical pencil.