pencil portraits

Portrait art #2

Another pencil portrait I did today. This time in big 50*35 cm (original paper). Used 8B, 3B, H pencils and dark charcoal for the starting sketch. Bad composition I know, but there is something in this picture that gave me the push to upload it. Hope you will like this piece of art. Amit.

drawing faces female


More sketch art – this time, female portrait. I want give the feel of a movement more than a simple portrait. Hope you will like it, comments are welcome 🙂

female pencil drawing

Female poses #8

Another pencil drawing, done with mechanical pencil 0.7. Female pose referenced a random newspaper. Need to work more on faces, will make it better next drawing.

pencil, sketches, drawings

The cannon’s core

The most importrant part of the cannon. Mechanical pencil 0.5, realistic reference.

Machine pencil drawing

Cannon’s Helper #3

Another APC, again the cannon’s helper – the Alfa. Usual 0.5 mechanical pencil.

Pencil drawings and sketches


Captured when he did his haircut.

Canon pencil drawing

Cannon #3

And another one.

Canon pencil drawing

Cannon #2

Well again, not so original. 411.