Pencil drawings

The Cannon’s core #2

Another pencil drawing of the cannon’s most important part. Look a bit abstract I’d say.

Cat drawing

Catty cat

It seems like a long time since the last time I draw an animal. Again, newspaper reference – a cat this time. More animal drawings will come soon.

Drawing portraits

Female poses #3

Used a picture from the newspaper as a reference. 0.5 Mechanical pencil.

Drawing poses

Female poses #1

Female pose done from a photo reference.

Pencil drawings


Done with graphite. The jazz portrait.

Gesture Drawing (3)

Gesture drawing #1

Gesture drawing – a quick, rapid sketch that attempts to capture a pose, a movement of a living creature. I’ll write an article soon that covers the whole idea of Gesture drawing. Meanwhile, enjoy those gesture drawings – (Used posemaniacs.com as a reference)