Art Mount – Haifa

The design explores the architectural concept of an artist’s residency. Located at the top of Carmel Mountain in Haifa, the project combines an artist’s home with both their studio and gallery space with the intent to equate the process of production with the final product. Using the central location to expose the art to the public, the visitors become integrated into the living, the working, and the gallery space of the artist.

The construction contributes to the concept through various means. The northern part of the project incorporates steel beams and columns, holding the slanted wall used to hang canvases.

The high ceiling space includes a skylight aimed to create a free interrputed space without direct sunlight, while still providing enough scattered light to work with.

The building’s systems move across the main axis. The visitor is exposed to the final artworks in the gallery and they are able to observe the process of their production in the artist’s studio. In a simillar approach the building systems are revaeled to the passerbyers in the studio, being almost hidden in the galleries, and completly concealed in the residential section.