Experiential Routine

Where can we find built spaces that evoke feelings of curiosity, novelty, or even euphoria? Museums, places of worship, and cultural sites create these memorable multi-sensorial experiences; yet rarely can we say the same for our everyday environment.

A commonality amongst these extremely experiential sites is the idea of a curated path, a design strategy that can be applied to how we move in a typical everyday commute. Focusing on the potential of circulation, the project seeks to enhance experience in our daily spaces.

To achieve this, the design relies on three principles that prioritize change – giving the option to choose by multiplying routes, integrating programs that encourage interaction, and implementing time-based elements that evolve throughout the day.
The Ben Gurion planned light rail station in Bnei Brak is expected to receive 30,000 commuters a day who will disperse to the immediate surrounding offices, residential, and commercial buildings. This site becomes a case study for incorporating change-based design principles where circulation acts as the anchor for creating an experiential routine.

(Detailed Project – Coming Soon)