CarInnu – Schefferville

As part of our journey as a group of tourists in Schefferville we have discovered a diverse range of natural locations that were unfamiliar to us. We found the relation of the local culture and lifestyle towards those locations fascinating. The local Innu people were living until recently out in the nature and are still having the desire to go back to the past. Nowadays, quarrying as the main occupation of the local residence, make the potential technology growth to the village which contrasts the authentic lifestyle.

In order to explore this place in all its aspects we wanted to go out to nature for the same places that the locals grew up. Also, we wanted to be exposed to the working environment that is unique to the town – the quarries. As tourists we found a lack of ability to reach and stay independently in those points of interest.

The combination of the tourists and locals need became our initial inspiration for the project. We perceive the technology as a tool that can solve the portability issue and could bind the past and future.
Our project consists of a portable unit which allows to go for an adventure influenced by the locals past their compact life and old traditions.

The self sustainable unit operates by renewable energy and adjusts to the amount and type of users as well as the changing weather conditions. This unit is able to connect to other identical units which creates a social formation in the varied terrains. In addition, docking stations are scattered in the forests, quarries, town and other surroundings providing charging and maintenance to the unit. The stations allows the users to expand their units and enjoy recreation and leisure that will enable them to continue their independent journey through nature.

The design tries to combine the local life with the changing visitors. From the perspective of combining cultural types with an advanced technology, we believe that a cultural environment with a unique local identity can be created. (Done with Kobi Laham HaCohen)