Begina Community Garden

Haifa, Israel
Design <> Build Studio

Community garden in Ramat Begin, Haifa for Design-Build Studio at the Technion Architecture Faculty.

After numorous meetings with neighborhood residents and a public forum, the project was carried out with the help of students, volunteers, the local community in collaboration with the Ramot Begin Community Center, the Welfare Services and the Haifa Municipality's Parks Department.

The project was centred on the restoration of a community garden - design choices included accessible paths, arrangement and distribution of flower beds for residents, water routing in case of floods, and seating areas. In addition, we constructed a pavilion that allows a gathering area for residents and pupils from the local elementary school.

(Studio Collabrative Work, Led by Arch. Dan Price)

Community Garden Plan

WIP - Foundations

WIP - Roof

Proposal Rendering

Proposal Alternative

Community Garden Section

Water Flow Analysis

Water Flow Analysis