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Black & White to Color

Original artwork: Underwater Soul Digital painting process | Black and white base technique

Digital Painting

School of war – Painting process

Click to go to the original digital painting.Flashy digital painting tutorial, enjoy!Click here if not working.

Digital painting tutorial (1)

Deep green feelings Process

Digital painting tutorial / process of the painting deep green feelings.      

Digital Painting Tutorial (3)

Going through changes – Digital Painting Process

Digital painting process | Going through changes Placing some rough shapes and colors. Less rough shapes now. We can start see the whole painting Detailing everything… but something is missing, maybe a boat, a bridge? Landscape by himself can sometimes be boring, so I added this man on the boat and some bridges.

Digital Painting Tutorial – Mushroom Factory

Making Of – Mushroom Factory Click to go to the original painting page.    Hello everyone my name is Amit (Nickname: Cas), and that’s kinda’ my first tutorial here in DeviantArt, some sort of a pay back to DA for all the things I learn here. so I hope you will like this tutorial, and you will learn something from it, or just will be impressed. This tutorial is for people who know the basics of Photoshop. I’ll explain how […]