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Falling Apart – SketchUp Modelling

Original artwork – Falling Apart SketchUp base modelling used as a reference – buildings & airplane Photoshop over painting.

Pencil drawings

Why Be an Artist?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to do art and creating art is my passion. Creating tutorials showing people how to do that art is also a love of mine. What Types of Art? In the arts I complete many different things including digital paintings as well as pencil drawings which is the basis for the digital art. Pencil drawings can be one of the most easiest types of artwork that you do and once you learn how […]

Digital painting market ?

Digital Painting Is Making Its Way Into The Market

Digital art in general has started to take the art world by storm. It’s technically what CG (computer generated) is and everyone would agree that is an art form. It’s even being used in Hollywood to make movies better. But what about the art galleries and choosing digital art to go on walls? Digital painting is also starting to make its way into the art scene. Digital painting storm As we all know traditional painting is done with a canvas […]