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Black & White to Color

Digital painting process with black and white technique. Later I’ll add detailed explanations. Any question about the process you are invited to contact me.

Digital Painting Tutorial (1)

Beyond the path – Digital painting tutorial

Check the original painting here. And here’s the digital painting tutorial / process: 1) Putting basic colors with swatches I made. Hard Brush with low Flow. working on small size of something like 1000px width. 2) Adding a few trees. ofcourse far trees, less details, less contrast with background, close trees, the opposite. 3) Now I resize the image to 3000px width and start details. I created 2 custom brushes. 1 for the trees, I want them to duplicate randomly […]

speed painting tutorial

Speed painting tutorial – 3 sketches

As you can see, the first step is all about putting colors. At first, I didn’t know what I was going to paint, just what colors it going to be. From colors you can do everything. I played with them a bit while using the Chalk brush. And voila we have 3 speed paintings.