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Pencil Drawings

As a sketch artist I feel somewhat irked by the commonly-held belief that a pencil drawing is an unfinished job. It’s almost as though they are saying it’s a draft and pan for something better. Pencil art is in itself an art; I for one am happy to frame my work and place it up on the wall in my study or even dining room. The tools I use are more than just a pencil and a piece of paper. […]

Pencil drawings

Why Be an Artist?

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to do art and creating art is my passion. Creating tutorials showing people how to do that art is also a love of mine. What Types of Art? In the arts I complete many different things including digital paintings as well as pencil drawings which is the basis for the digital art. Pencil drawings can be one of the most easiest types of artwork that you do and once you learn how […]

Gesture drawing

Gesture drawing

Gesture drawing can be said to be a work of art where images are defined by rapid execution of images. It can be defined as the exploration of movement as well as form of any object in space. It is different from pencil drawings and pencil sketches but there are some similarities. It is said by some observers that gesture drawing is more like explaining something to someone using hand gestures. The hand gestures are similar in ideology to the […]