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Digital painting techniques

Freak Clown Process

This is not really a digital painting tutorial – more a show of a technique. I use this digital painting technique pretty rarely, as you can see it’s old painting called Freak Clown (2007), he doesn’t even shown in my portfolio. Feel free to ask questions by contact me, Amit. This digital painting technique based on a drawing made at a paper. The drawing being scanned and placed in the canvas on “Multiply” mode (to avoid the white background). Than […]

Trained monkeys – Process

The hardest part, putting all the shapes together. At first I want it to have an Antarctic cold environment, that’s why there is this blue hue. I didn’t do too much printscreens as you can see, but it still nice to see the first 10 minutes of a painting compared to the final image.   Original post of trained monkeys can be found here.